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The Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies promotes first level degree course in International Politics, Law and Economics (IPLE), International Studies and European Institutions (SIE), and Master Degree Programmes in International Relations (REL) and Political Science and Government (GOV). It also contributes to the creation of PhD and Advanced Courses.

  Doctoral programmes (PhD)

  • Comparative, Private, Civil Procedural and Business Law [click here]
  • Political Studies [click here]
  • Public, International and European Union Law [click here]
  • Studies on Organized Crime [click here]

  Advanced courses

  • International Scenarios of Organized Crime (taught in Italian) [click here]
  • Technological Innovation, New Markets and Rules. Platforms, Blockchain, Fintech and Digital Users (taught in Italian) [click here]
  • Cross Border Families: International Private Law and Substantive Law Aspects  [click here] 
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