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The educational activity of the Department of International, Legal, Historical and Politicals Studies (DILHPS) adopts an interdisciplinary, multi-level and international perspective for the study of legal, economic, political and historical relationships among:

  • Institutions on a national, supranational and international level;
  • States, within the European Union and with other international governmental institutions:
  • Institutions and individuals in the protection of fundamental human rights;
  • Natural and legal persons within national and the EU regimes, and on a transnational level.

All programmes offered by the Department are characterized by a core of compulsory learning activities, followed by specialization curricula. They are proposed in all academic cycles of study:

  • Bachelor programmes in International Sciences and European Institutions (SIE) and, in cooperation with other Departments of the University of Milan, Political Science (SPO) and Public Management (MAP)
  • Master programmes in International Relations (REL) and Political Science and Government (GOV)
  • Ph.D. programmes within the Ph.D. Schools of the University of Milan and of other Italian academic institutions
  • Post-graduate programmes in Law and Policies of the European Integration (EU), in Law and Business in Italian-German Relationships (MOGIGER), and advanced courses.

Furthermore, DILHPS’s education activities comprise a wide offer of Jean Monnet modules, seminars and workshops, open to both students and graduates.

DILHPS also participates in the bachelor programme in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences in the Economic, Legal and Social Fields and in the master programme in Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation, both under the lead responsibility of the Department of Linguistic Mediation Sciences and Intercultural Studies. DILHPS’s academics are also involved in other bachelor and master programmes offered by the Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences.

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