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Jean Monnet Chair

logo progetto  The DILHPS was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair, a project co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus + Program, during the a.y. 2020-2023. The Jean Monnet Chair is a prestigious recognition for the teaching and research activity carried out on topics that concern European studies from multiple perspectives at national and international level.

 The holder of the Jean Monnet Chair ENFASIS (European Novel Foods Agreement and Sustainable Intercultural Systems) is Sabrina Lanni, professor of Comparative Private Law at the Department of International, Legal, Historical and Political Studies (DILHPS), and International Affairs Department Delegate. The mentioned project was the first Italian project in the ranking and the sixth overall among the 240 winners of the selection (Chair-Module-Center Excellence): the work program was rated excellent, as it proposes an effective strategy for coordinating teaching, research and dissemination, as well as a high-quality methodology based on an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge.

 The Jean Monnet Chair ENFASIS aimed at studying the ‘new foods and ingredients’ introduced into the European market alongside 'traditional foods and ingredients'. Indeed, the food trade global dimension increasingly leads to the comparison of ideas and legal models, so that comparative analysis is a valuable tool for understanding other national or regional legal systems, placing food choices as a renewed interdisciplinary debate core between consumer law, food law and multiculturalism, in order to support the dialogue between the different legal systems, as well as to share answers and possible solutions in the framework of environmental sustainability.

 In addition to study and research activities, the Jean Monnet Chair ENFASIS will be offering a new course in ‘Comparative Law, Sustainability and Food Safety’, and holding the new at 'ENFASIS International Summer School', and a series of meetings and activities aimed at promoting the project dissemination in Italy and in other extra-Europeans Countries (especially in China and Latin America).

03 September 2020
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